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Who won’t get a real vacation feeling while listening to this track, remembering “the sun, the beach and the sea…”? Inspired by the isle of sun, Thomas Anders created his current summer hit “Ibiza – Baba Baya…” – together with the hip Berlin creative producer of “Sound-Chateau”.

Chilling, „sun-kissed“ skin, hot nights und sexy grooves… this summer hit is a ”3-minutes-hideaway” for all people longing for a never ending summer vacation and for all folks that still got sand in their shoes from their recent holidays!

The idea of the song:

In summer 2016, Thomas Anders and Sound-Chateau met for the very first time. “I got a mp3-soundfile from the track and I loved the song and the production from the beginning.” – so Thomas Anders’ first behaviour.

Sound-Chauteau, a successful and creative music production company from Berlin (www.sound-chateau.com) had the idea to work with Thomas Anders. “Thomas Anders has an extra-ordinary voice and he made an outstanding music carreer,” said Robert Waesser of Sound-Chateau.”

Due to the fact that Thomas Anders spends all of his summer vacations on the wonderful island of “IBIZA”, it was only a question of time that he releases a song which is a tribute to his favourite island.

In the past few months, Thomas Anders and Sound-Chateau were working on the production of the dance track “Ibiza… Baba baya” and the groovy song “For you”. Summerfeeling at it’s best!

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